Medical tourism in Romania
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Angiomedica Hospital is the first private diagnostic center to offer examination, minimally invasive treatment and monitoring of patients with cardiovascular disease in Bucharest, in Romania and abroad. Angomedica is the medical institution specialized in clinical cardiology, hybrid techniques, minimally invasive cardiovascular surgery, arrhythmology and electrophysiology.

Angiomedica Doctors are Doctor Professors, Lecturers, Primary Doctors and Specialists with International Competencies. Currently, Angiomedica Hospital employs 40 employees and 25 collaborators, specialized medical staff, health care professionals, nurses and their own administrative staff.

In order to provide quality medical services, Angiomedica Hospital , in Romania, has invested in new, state-of-the-art medical equipment for patients to have the latest and most effective treatment.

Angiograph Allura Centron – Philips with injectomat, laboratory of electrophysiology
External Stimulator
External defibrillator
Hybrid cardiovascular surgery room equipped with C-arm BV Pulsera, Video Drager lamp, Erbe electrocauter, Cell-saver and Medtronic centrifugal pump, Drager anesthesia and Drager ventilation device, Drager monitors, Physio-Control external defibrillator, etc.
Your own transfusion unit
Emergency determinations unit
Technical gas station
Operating room equipped with “clean room”
ATI bedside monitoring section
Medical dial monitoring

Due to the fact that it addresses a strictly dedicated area, the cardiovascular, Angiomedical Hospital will have the medical performance expected by the patients addressed. This is all the more important because, in Romania, the first cause of mortality is cardiovascular and related – stroke, stroke, blood pressure, bradycardia, tachycardia etc.

In order to provide this medical performance, the hospital management will continue to invest in expanding it, as well as continuing to acquire advanced medical equipment.

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