Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou

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Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou

Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou is the largest international tumor treatment basement in the south of China, a member of Chinese Anti-cancer Association and Chinese co-organization of World Cancer Committee (WCC). Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou sticks to “Best Therapy, Least Pain, Best efficacy” to treat cancer and keeps on explore latest technology in cancer treatment domain and positively implements normalization & individualization, humanity & ration to cancer treatment. Also, it promotes an idea that cancer treatment combines minimally invasive therapy with multidiscipline comprehensive therapy. At present, minimally invasive therapy at Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou has gradually become mature and plays a leading role in both Asia and the world.
Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou builds up a unique minimally invasive targeted therapy, combination of TCM and Western medicine, which has gained recognition and trust of millions of patients. The advantages of minimally invasive targeted therapy, combination of TCM and western medicine are small wounds, fast recovery, precisely targeted-treatment. It avoids the shortcomings of traditional radiotherapy and chemotherapy and improves the life quality of patients and has long-term therapeutic efficacy.
The Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou is composed of outstanding cancer experts who share their expertise through group consultations. This team approach to treatment ensures that every patient benefits from a comprehensive effective therapeutic regimen designed not by a single physician but rather by the finest doctors in their field.
In October 2014, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou has been accredited by JCI (Joint Commission International) of the 5th version, which assesses and evaluates with the strict standards in the world and stands for the highest level of accreditation for medical service and hospital management. This means Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou has become one of the most world-advanced medical institutes, whose medical safety, quality and services have met the highest international standards.

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